Handcrafted Jewellery

Winter in July jewellery is handcrafted in New Zealand.

Precious metal and gemstones are ethically-sourced from reputable local companies.

Winter in July jeweller

About the maker

MJ Paik was born in South Korea where she studied fine art and design. During her studies she travelled to New Zealand, where she fell in love with the beautiful landscape and lifestyle. While working as a shoe designer and determined to return, she booked a one way ticket to Aotearoa to make it home.

After completion of her training at Peter Minturn Goldsmith School in Auckland, she developed her skills by designing and making jewellery in Auckland and Melbourne.

The source of inspiration for Winter in July jewellery is MJ's love of nature and animals. She aims to create pieces that bring joy to the wearer as if they are in a beautiful forest, garden or by the sea.

Original Design

Each Winter in July pieces are designed and handcrafted by MJ in her studio in Auckland, New Zealand. The inspiration comes from beauty of the nature and the meaning behind it. e.g. flower meanings.

After deciding on a theme, e.g. Flower Garden, MJ gathers lots of relevant photos, and does
lots of sketches from different angles. Based on the sketches, she comes up with a few different designs, and then selects some of them.

Winter in July jewellery designed in NZ
Winter in July jewellery handcrafted in NZ


Once the final designs are selected, MJ starts making them by fabricating a bar of metal or carving wax. These become the master patterns, which will be sent to a local casting company in Auckland to get moulds made and cast them in the desired metal.

Final Product

When the castings come back, MJ cleans up, solders multiple pieces together, gives a final polish or satin finish and they become final product. Ready for their new home!

Winter in July jewellery handcrafted in NZ
Winter in July jewellery logo

Story of How

Winter in July was born

The Winter in July logo was designed 7 years ago, long before the brand was born. 

The logo is a combination of three symbols: the silver alchemical symbol (Silver is associated with the moon and feminine energies), the gold alchemical symbol (gold is associated with the sun and masculine energies), and the Leo zodiac symbol. 

MJ was born in July, and is a Leo. She was born and raised in South Korea, and her birthday was always in the middle of summer.

She decided to call her brand Winter in July, because when she moved to New Zealand, celebrating her birthday in winter was one of the biggest changes for her.

The three symbols (silver, gold, and Leo symbols) form the shape of a heart, because her jewellery is made with love using silver or gold. MJ pours her heart into creating her jewellery, and she hopes they bring joy to the wearers.