We are committed to being as sustainable as possible in our business practices. We are mindful of the materials we use, and partner with eco-friendly suppliers.

Our Materials

Winter in July jewellery is made with precious metals such as sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

The precious metals are supplied by Morris and Watson, which is a bullion and casting company located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Any precious metal left over from filing is saved and sent to a refinery. It is then melted down, refined, and used for jewellery making.

 "Morris and Watson is opposed to activities which benefit conflict, violence and human rights abuses. Nearly all of our precious metal products are produced by recycled waste from Jewellers and industry, along with local mines from within Australasia. Morris and Watson Ltd follows international best practice standards, including due diligence practiced on all new customers under our Know Your Client policy.

Much of our precious metal products are produced by recycled waste from the Jewellery Industry within Australasia.

Alluvial gold from the South Island of New Zealand is another significant source of gold for Morris and Watson. The alluvial operation complies with strict Department of Conservation protocols which firmly puts the responsibility on gold exploration, extraction and processing companies to minimise their environmental impact over the whole life cycle of their activities."

For more information, please visit the Morris and Watson website.

Our Packaging

Winter in July jewellery is packed in eco-friendly packaging, and sealed with wax for minimal use of tape.

We use courier bags and packaging from R3pack, a New Zealand company that provides eco-friendly packaging solutions.

"R3pack's range of compostable bags are made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT.  We use non toxic inks to provide you with a natural alternative to traditional plastic based courier bags. 

Our compostable range is certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.  EN13432 / AS4736 / AS5810

We have searched the globe to find a product that would replace the traditional plastic bubble protection and paper filler.

Our Geami Eco Wrap is made from sustainable forestry paper and dispenses a visually stunning honey comb structure with a tissue interleaf paper.

At the end of its use, it is fully recyclable and compostable providing two solutions for the end user."

For more information, please visit the R3pack website.

Winter in July eco friendly packaging